About Us

Our story starts years ago in New Orleans, LA in our kitchen while preparing mealtimes intended for our youngest son when he was slightly more than a preschooler. He would ask for a counter condiment and I would offer him ketchup and he would ask for our personal sauce. As time moved on, he doodled a picture, and said, “Here, it’s Already Dunn.” Me and my husband got in the kitchen and had him taste-test for precision; and after many experimental drawbacks and no blueprint to follow or trailblazers accessible, Already Dunn was born.

The Idea was interrupted by hurricane Katrina and my job was dislocated to Memphis, TN. Within two years, my spouse and I retired and relocated to Jackson, MS where we currently reside. We have had our share of struggles from being displaced by hurricane Katrina and are now on the forefront of recovery.

Already Dunn Sweet & Spicy Sauce became a stationary staple in our kitchen for three years before it was introduced to the public. The service of Already Dunn Sweet & Spicy Sauce features a distinguished taste that’s a palate pleaser. This valuable brand matches none symbolically in its scope. A brand that can be used in restaurants or home cooked meals on a solo level and couples wel with many other condiments.

Already Dunn Sweet & Spicy Sauce (also called AD) is very versatile and is becoming a roaming popularity.

“Delicious! Love it on wings. Can’t wait to try it on other things.” — Phil P.

“I absolutely love this sauce on anything and everything.” — Lee S.

“I got some today, and I love it. Just the right amount of sweet and spice. Not overbearing with heat.” — Shirlean D.

“So glad we discovered this sauce! We put it on so much! It’s a great marinade, too.” — Rachel N.